Find out what news and stats we're watching tomorrow & Friday..

Tomorrow at 09:30 - Is the main day for sterling, as UK GDP figures are released. According to the first estimate, Q2 GDP rose by 1.7% and the second estimate is expected to show no change. This could offer sterling a rallying point. However, if the report shows the economy has actually entered Q3 on a weaker footing, Sterling may suffer.

Friday at 20:00 - The big event of the week is the Jackson Hole Symposium in the US, where central bankers meet to discuss monetary policies and the global economy. All eyes will be on ECB President, Mario Draghi who was previously expected to use Jackson hole to "plant clues" the ECB is about to wind-down its money-printing stimulus, which would be positive for the Euro. However after he made some cautionary comments at last week's ECB meeting (he spoke of the euro "overshooting") markets are now less certain he will say much about a stimulus reduction. Keep your eyes peeled for any fresh hints from Draghi (positive or negative) as to tightening of monetary policy or strength of the Euro - either could provoke a big move ahead of the weekend.