Thousands of people choose our Transfer service for a variety of reasons, whether buying a property overseas, sending money to relatives abroad or making international business payments. Whatever your reason you can be sure that our transfer service is: Secure, Fast, Convenient and Value for Money.

Minimum transfer amount £200 or equivalent. Identification may be required for this transaction.

Why transfer money with us?



Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Customer funds are ring-fenced to ensure maximum security and protection. Your money is in safe hands.


Our international transfer service is usually a same-business-day service, so you or your nominated beneficiary will receive the funds swiftly and seamlessly.


Do it your way! Complete your Transfer online using our mobile-friendly site, call and chat to an advisor or visit us in-store. The choice is yours.

Value for money

Thousands of our customers enjoy better rates than their Banks or currency providers can offer. Join today and see what you’re missing.

How does it work?

Transfer money anywhere within the UK and Europe in three simple steps.

  1. Send in
    Sign up, tell us how much you will be sending, then send it to us!

  2. Exchange
    We provide you with a bank-beating exchange rate (with zero fees or commission!)

  3. Transfer out
    Your money arrives in your nominated account