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Rising tensions in Catalonia are putting pressure on the Euro and with a declaration of Catalan independence expected, is a “Catalexit” on the cards?

5th October 2017
We give you our thoughts on the evolving political situation in Catalonia and Spain, the possibility of "Catalexit" and what this will mean for your Euros. Read on for more.

Buying or selling $? If so you'll want to know this...

1st September 2017
Find out what's driving the US Dollar right now.

This week has the potential to end with a BANG!

23rd August 2017
Find out what news and stats we're watching tomorrow & Friday..

This week’s Sterling/Euro Currency news in a nutshell...

18th August 2017
Find out what's been happening to GBP and EUR this week, our current exchange rates and our medium/long-term view on the currencies!

Pound trading positively ahead of tomorrow's Bank of England "Super Thursday" meeting

2nd August 2017
Find out what we're expecting for the Pound ahead of tomorrow's "Super Thursday" Bank of England meeting.

Sluggish UK GDP data see's the Pound take a dive

27th July 2017
Find out what the latest UK GDP figures mean for the economy and the effect it had on the Pound. Also find out which data we're watching next for clues about currency movements in Sterling and Euro.

Repatriation trust couple buy winning £1 million lottery ticket at Bureau Buttercrane

1st July 2017
The Bureau Buttercrane sold a winning £1 million lottery ticket to Colin and Eithne Bell of Newry. The couple are the founders of a wonderful charity, The Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust based in Newry, County Down.

Bureau Buttercrane takes the sting out of currency exchange

30th June 2017
Find out more about how The Bureau Buttercrane can help you avoid being stung by big commissions, charges and fees on your currency transfers.

Sterling Update

6th June 2017