Cheap flights, great value accommodation and picturesque scenery.. What more could you want?

Thailand has pretty much everything going for it, from a huge choice of flights to some of the best value accommodation in the world and some of the most picturesque scenery. If you plan and book early you can find return flights to Bangkok for around £400. Then there is the accommodation, which in Bangkok averages around £105 a night for a five star hotel and £27 for a three star stay. Lastly, according to The Telegraph, Thailand is the cheapest holiday destination; £500 would last you 44 days, which would cover three meals, four soft drinks, two beers, a coffee and two trips on public transport a day per person! Mexico came second costing almost 60% more a day!!

So if you are looking for a big trip in 2018, and the best value for money, Thailand is the place for you!

Latest rate to buy the Thai Baht: 40.5